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Read these Sanuvox Systems testimonials about real people who have had these systems in their homes as an in-duct system or portable units.

“By the end of the week I was up and doing my normal stuff around the house…”

I’m 86, and in good health for an old gal. I recently took a trip to Minneapolis to see friends and a family member. After I got back from my trip, I picked up Influenza A. I thought I was safe, I had the flu shot, but picked up this nasty little bug somewhere. I was seriously sick, at 86 this really knocked me out. The Doctor put me on Tamiflu, and told me to get to bed. He also said that don’t be surprised if you end up in the hospital.

I went right to bed and thank goodness Steve and Sandy from Pure Aire Wellness let me use one of their portable units in my bedroom. I felt horrible for three days barely getting out of bed. By the end of the week I was up and doing my normal stuff around the house.

I believe that breathing the clean, healthy air provided by the P900 helped me get well a quick as I did. I have had several friends that spent time in the hospital, and didn’t feel good for many weeks. I believe this technology helped me, and I am glad that I have it. I won’t be without one in my house!!

Charlene B

Rapid City, SD

“I woke up for the first time in a very long time, without congestion…”

I’ve spent my whole life waking up with congestion. Usually I was congested until I took my morning shower. I met with Steve and he had me start to use a portable unit in my bedroom.

Needless to say, after a couple of nights of breathing this amazingly fresh clean air, I woke up for the first time in a very long time, without congestion. I’ve been using the portable unit ever since. I never turn it off. Of course I think everyone should be using this technology. Oh, and I haven’t been sick since I put it in my bedroom.

Sandy B

Rapid City, SD

“This technology really really works…”

I have to thank God for the technology from Sanuvox, and what it’s done for my daughter.

At 3 months old she was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease. She had such a terrible time breathing. In fact I almost lost her because of her breathing difficulties. She had to use a Nebulizer several times a day, and was constantly on antibiotics. I was always on edge with the fear of her not being able to breathe, and me not being around to help her. We had scheduled Doctor visits every month to monitor her condition. The Doctor tried everything, but nothing seemed to help. When she was 9 months old, we met Steve and he introduced us to the Sanuvox technology. At this time we also found out that our home had mold in it. Steve explained that the Sanuvox technology kills mold as it’s cleaning and purifying the surrounding air.

Steve was very helpful and knowledgeable about what this technology has the ability to do. We were very hopeful. Steve set up a portable unit in my daughters bedroom, and he put another larger unit in our living room. What happened next is why I thank God for meeting Steve and the wonderful Sanuvox technology.

After 2 months of using the Sanuvox technology my daughters breathing and lung capacity improved, A LOT!! We were able to cut back on the nebulizer usage and eventually eliminated it entirely.

At our last Doctors visit the Doctor said her lung capacity was at 100%. This technology really really works. Now she breathes fine, the only time she gets sick is because of stuff she picks up at daycare. I wish they would use Sanuvox technology there. I’ll never be with out Sanuvox’s technology..!!!

Syd B

Rapid City, SD


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