Why are Children More Vulnerable to Indoor Air Pollution?


Children are one of the most vulnerable groups to indoor air pollution.Because children are growing rapidly, children have a higher resting metabolic rate, and higher rate of oxygen consumption per unit of body weight than an adult. Therefore, their adverse effects to exposure to any air pollutant is greater. In addition to an increased need for oxygen, relative to their size, children have narrower airways than adults. Thus, irritation caused by air pollution that would produce only a slight response in an adult, can result in a significant obstruction in the airways of young children. The effect of oedema, (oedema is a build-up of fluid in the body which causes the affected tissue to become swollen), on the adult is much less dramatic than it is on a newborn’s airway. One millimeter of oedema reduces the diameter of the adult airway by about 19%, whereas it would reduce the diameter of the infant by 56%  Also, compared to adults, the peripheral airways (bronchioles) are both relatively and absolutely smaller in infancy allowing any debris to cause proportionately greater obstruction. In addition, infants have relatively larger mucous glands which causes a much greater increase in secretions. They also have the potential for increased oedema because their airway mucosa is less tightly adherent. Lastly, there are fewer inter-alveolar pores (Kohn’s pores) in infants, producing negative effects on collateral ventilation and increasing the likelihood of hyperinflation or atelectasis. KNowing this is a cause for concern.

Indoor air pollution also impacts academic performance of children by lowering their concentration levels and increasing absenteeism due to asthma and allergies. Indoor air pollution weakens lungs and reduces the function of the immune system, making children more susceptible to infectious airborne illness like colds and the flu. Indoor air pollution also impacts the development of endocrine glands, the nervous and immune systems of children.

Researchers at Harvard University have shown that in buildings and schools with proper ventilation, filtration, and UV sanitation, those occupants, especially children, have shown a cognitive score that can be at least 61% higher, than in buildings and schools with conventional ventilation and filtration conditions.  This study builds on research conducted in the UK showing children’s cognitive ability at school, from attention and concentration, to memory and recognition, was significantly diminished in classrooms where pollutants had built up due to the lack of effective indoor pollution controls.

Prevention is the key to these issues. There is an urgent need to create awareness among people about the issue of indoor air pollution and the serious threat it poses to everyone, especially children, with regards to their health and well-being. Education should help people find different ways of reducing exposure to indoor air pollution. with knowledge on how to clean your indoor environment that will protect children at home or at school is essential.

For all of us, cleaner, better quality air will improve energy at work and home activities because polluted air saps our over-all energy level by making our lungs, and the rest of our body, work harder, thus reducing the bodies efficiency. Breathing cleaner air will allow our organs especially our lungs, brain and immune system to function better. This leads to better oxygen absorption by our brain, lungs, and immune system. We become mentally keen, more energetic and ultimately healthier. There is no question that prevention is the best medicine by far. This prevention involves education, awareness, and ultimately action.

Pure Aire wellness LLC is dedicated to creating awareness about indoor air pollution. There is a solution to indoor air pollution. Every building or home needs a good ventilation system, good filtration, and the most important UVGI (ultra violet germicidal irradiation). There are many companies that market UV systems.However, the only affordable UVGI systems that are patented are from Sanuvox Technologies. The difference between every other UV system and the patented technology by Sanuvox, is like the difference between a flip phone and an iPhoneX, with the costs being similar. These patented affordable systems can help any business, school, or medical facility save money on utility and maintenance costs, and also create a cleaner indoor environment. These systems also have the ability to clean and reduce or completely eliminate indoor air pollution in your home.

Prevention is the key once you have become aware. Can you take the next step and clean your indoor air environment? Our health, our families health, our co-workers health is the issue. Indoor air pollution is real. We cannot become immune to any pollution. Research tells us that all of our indoor environments are at least 5 times more polluted than any outdoor environment. We spend 80 to 90% of our time indoors, and infants slightly more. We also know that any level of pollution can cause lasting health issues, we also know there is a solution to this problem. Are you ready to create an affordable solution to your indoor air pollution problem, or are you going to pretend it does not exist? Take the next step, call Pure Aire Wellness LLC for a consultation or presentation at 605-209-5930


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