Clean Air, Like Clean Water is a Basic Requirement for a Healthy Life


Clean Air, Like Clean Water is a Basic Requirement for a Healthy Life


We at Pure Aire Wellness are very much like everyone else. Before Pure Aire Wellness came into existence we had no idea there were issues with Indoor Air Quality.  We didn’t realize how bad the pollution is in any indoor environment.

It all started because of the concern for a parent that was in an assisted living facility. This parent was continually coming down with respiratory issues, especially in the fall and winter, was always fatigued, and in her words “just didn’t feel right”. We felt there must be something going on with the air she was breathing. This was a guess, and it turned out to be very accurate guess.

We discovered that in 1989 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had reported that through their research every indoor environment is polluted. We also discovered that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported through their research that our indoor air quality (IAQ) can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than any outdoor environment. According to the American Lung Association polluted IAQ is linked to respiratory problems and overall health issues, especially in our children. The American Lung Association believes that there is a direct link to the increase in childhood asthma and polluted IAQ, and according to The American College of Cardiology, breathing polluted air can cause heart disease.

All of this information was startling to us at Pure Aire Wellness. Because of these findings, we have taken it upon ourselves to become your local advocates for cleaning up and creating awareness about the air quality in our indoor environments. Through extensive research we believed that there must be a solution to this problem. The CDC tells us that the only way to eliminate pathogens, bacteria, viruses, airborne infections, allergens, mold and fungi, caused by pollution through our ventilation systems, is with UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Through our research, which took almost four years, Pure Aire Wellness found the only UVGI air purification company with patents on their systems. Pure Aire Wellness found Sanuvox Technologies. Sanuvox Technologies is the only advanced patented UVGI air purification company that spends more on science and research than they do on marketing. Sanuvox is the only advanced patented UV germicidal air purification company that has had their research published in The Lancet Medical Journal. Sanuvox has also had research conducted by the EPA and Homeland Security, with their approval for their patented UVGI systems to be used on our military bases. Go to to view the hard science and research.

At Pure Aire Wellness we knew that we had found “the solution to indoor air pollution”. The issue today is awareness. We at Pure Aire Wellness were unaware of the seriousness of indoor air pollution until we began our research.  As your local advocates for clean, healthy, oxygen rich indoor air, we now are focused on sharing the awareness of the hazards of indoor air pollution. We are passionate about helping your family, friends and the public at large to become aware of the problem and learning the solution to cleaning up our indoor environments and living healthier lives. Having a good air filtration system is a start, but air filtration is not air purification. Just like having your ventilation system and duct work cleaned occasionally is a very good thing, but it is not a solution. These are band-aides to the actual problem, these band-aides are helpful, but these band-aides alone do not provide clean, healthy, oxygen rich unpolluted air. The solution to indoor air pollution is to use the ONLY advanced patented UVGI air purification systems from Sanuvox Technologies. There are other UV systems in the marketplace, however, none of these companies have the level of science and research, and none have patents on their systems. Sanuvox has the most elite patented systems available.

Dr. Otto Warburg, a two time Nobel Prize winner, shocked the world when he revealed that most diseases are due to insufficient levels of good oxygen inside the body. Breathing polluted air deprives the body of healthy oxygen. If our indoor environments are polluted, then the result is the diminished effectiveness of our immune systems to fight any illnesses that invade our bodies. Our bodies need clean healthy oxygen rich air to function properly. Our bodies and our immune systems will not function at their best breathing polluted disease enhancing air.

From this 1989 EPA report, it concluded that the quality of the air inside our homes, offices, schools, daycare centers, public buildings, and Healthcare facilities was poor, if not dangerous. Today we tend to spend a large part of our lives, 80 to 90%, indoors.  This leads to the conclusion that breathing the current quality of our indoor air can be a detriment for living a healthy life. Negative health effects from indoor air pollution cover a range of acute and chronic effects. It includes eye, nose, and throat irritations, fatigue, respiratory issues, neurotoxicity, kidney and liver functions, heart disease, allergic and infectious diseases, and serious developmental issues in our young. Remember, this report was done in 1989, and conditions haven’t changed, in fact they have gotten worse not better. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention tells us that our indoor air environments can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than any outdoor environment.

Pure Aire Wellness has the solution to indoor air pollution! Finding the advanced patented technology from Sanuvox is the solution. The advance patented UV germicidal air purification systems from Sanuvox Technologies not only reduces, and in some cases, eliminates all indoor air pollution, and it delivers an ample supply of activated oxygen to all indoor environments. Sanuvox’s technology cleans and kills up to 99.9999% of all pathogens, bacteria, viruses, air borne infections, allergens, mold, fungi, and pollutants, creating a very healthy oxygen rich life enhancing indoor environment in any home or building of any size.

Becoming aware that there is a problem is the first step. Accepting there is a problem is the second step. Finding a solution to the problem is the third step. Implementing the solution to end the problem is the final step. Which step are you in?

On a side note, the parent that started all of this hasn’t had any serious or continued respiratory issues since she moved out of the assisted living facility, and moved into a home that has Sanuvox’s technology in it. This parent did contract influenza A last year on a trip to Minneapolis. At 87 this can create serious and lingering problem’s, she had her Flu shot but still contracted the Flu. Her Doctor put her on Tamiflu, but thought she may need hospitalization if she didn’t improve within a week. The Doctor just wanted her to improve within a week but thanks to the patented air purifying technology of Sanuvox, she fully recovered within a week while friends of hers, with the same malady and treatment, minus the technology from Sanuvox, it took them weeks if not a month or two to fully recover. This parent has not been ill since.

We all make choice’s, Pure Aire Wellness’s choice is to advocate living in clean, healthy, unpolluted, oxygen rich air and educate as many people as we can about the dangers of indoor air pollution. What kind of indoor environment do you choose to live in or work in? What kind of indoor environment do you want your children to learn in? What kind of indoor environment do want to get your healthcare from? Breathing clean air and drinking clean water is a basic requirement for a living a healthy life!!

Breathing clean healthy air is one of the best health investments a person can make! Breathe better be healthier in 2018