Living and Working in a Healthy Home and Workplace


How healthy is the home you live in? How healthy is your workplace? Many of us want to believe that we live and work in a healthy environment, but do we? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The American Lung Association, and The World Health Organization (WHO)  our indoor environments should be considered polluted. In fact they all tell us that the quality of the air we breathe indoors can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than ANY outdoor air.

The CDC has a definition of a “Heathy Home”, A Healthy Home is sited, designed, built and maintained to support health. A “Healthy Homes” approach is coordinated, comprehensive, and holistic approach to preventing diseases and injuries that result from housing related hazards and deficiencies.

Many of us are moving towards living in a “Healthy Home”. We have started to use eco-friendly cleaning products instead harsh bleach based cleaners or Ammonia based cleaners. We have started to use “hepa” type filters in our vacuums. We have even upgraded our filtration systems in our homes to either carbon or electrostatic filters. We even make sure that we have someone come out and cleans our ventilation systems. These are all positive moves that start to create a healthier indoor environment.

However, many of us falsely believe that air filtration cleans and creates a completely healthy environment, it doesn’t. Good filtration is a great benefit for collecting particulates and dust. But AIR FILTRATION IS NOT AIR PURIFICATION. The only way to clean and reduce or eliminate indoor air pollution is through UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI), this is according to the CDC and EPA.

The only advance patented UVGI air purification systems available today  are by Sanuvox Technologies and sold through Pure Aire Wellness LLC. Pure Aire Wellness mission is to inform the public about the health threats of indoor air pollution. Pure Aire Wellness has the solution to indoor air pollution, that helps create clean unpolluted oxygen rich air for a healthier life.  At Pure Aire Wellness we knew that we had found “the solution to indoor air pollution” when we found the amazing technology created by Sanuvox.

The one important issue today is awareness. We at Pure Aire Wellness were unaware of the seriousness of indoor air pollution until we began our research four years ago.  As your local advocates for clean, healthy, unpolluted, oxygen rich indoor air, we now are focused on sharing the awareness of the hazards and dangers of indoor air pollution. We are passionate about helping your family, friends, business and the public at large to become aware of the problem and sharing the solution to cleaning up our indoor environments and living healthier lives. Having a good air filtration system is a smart start, as is having good ventilation system, but air filtration is not air purification. Just like having your ventilation system and duct work cleaned occasionally is a very good thing, but it is not a solution. These are band-aides to the actual problem, these band-aides are helpful, but these band-aides alone do not provide clean, healthy, unpolluted, oxygen rich air. The solution to indoor air pollution is to use the ONLY advanced patented UVGI air purification systems from Sanuvox Technologies. There are other UV systems in the market place, however none of these companies have the level of research, and none have patents on their systems, and rely on shared technology. Sanuvox has the most elite advanced patented systems available. The difference between Sanuvox and everyone else, is very much like the difference between a flip phone and iPhoneX.

The American Lung Association, the EPA, the Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization, all report that a critical problem today is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the lack of awareness of indoor air quality. In their reports, they all tell us that more often than not, IAQ is more polluted than outdoor air, and in some cases the IAQ can be toxic. There are many reasons for this, primarily it’s due to the fact that our homes and businesses are being built more and more energy efficient, which means they are built to keep outside air outside, and indoor air, indoors. Our HVAC systems keep our homes and businesses warm or cool, and we have come to rely on our HVAC systems that re-circulate the air available in any given building. There lies the problem. Re-circulated air can and does contain anything that is brought into any building, commercial or residential, this includes infectious pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and VOC’s (cleaning supplies and aerosol spray products are a few VOC’s) Even the very best air exchangers, with the very best air filtration system cannot stop these microscopic invaders from being re-circulated throughout our homes and workplaces ventilation systems.

Professor Francesca Dominici, co-director of the Harvard Data Science Initiative states; “mortality rates increase almost linearly as air pollution increases. Any level of air pollution however, no matter how low, is harmful to human health”.

Pure Aire Wellness along with the advanced patented technology provided by Sanuvox has the true solution to indoor air pollution and the health dangers that breathing polluted air creates in our bodies and our lives. Denying the evidence complied through the research done by the CDC, EPA, The American Lung Association, and the Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN) doesn’t change the facts regarding the negative impact indoor air pollution can do to your life and the people you care about.

Do your own research, go to the CDC’s, EPA’s, The American Lung Association, and Global Indoor Health Network’s websites and read what they have to say. Be skeptical, but learn that Pure Aire Wellness does have an affordable  solution to the dangers and hazards of indoor air pollution.    Go watch the video to learn more. Contact Pure Aire Wellness for a consultation or presentation at 605-209-5930.