Sanuvox Commercial Air Systems


As a Sanuvox commercial air system, the patented Sanuvox CoilClean IL UV Systems (available up to 60″ length) are designed to prevent and destroy mold and other microbial growth from growing on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas. The benefits include eliminating biological “blow-off” of bacteria, viruses, spores and odors into the building while maintaining a clean coil reducing the need for conventional coil cleaning. Typically, bio-film coats the coil reducing heat transfer and negatively impacting coil efficiency, the CoilClean IL maintains a clean coil maximizing system performance enabling the coil to work at optimum efficiency saving energy.

Equipped with High-Intensity 19 mm. Quartz UVC Lamps and High-Output Electronic Ballasts paired to Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors make the CoilClean Series incredibly effective.

By using Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors, Sanuvox UV CoilClean Purifiers are able to direct virtually all the UV Energy onto the coil without losing UV on the back-end top and bottom of the UV Lamp. The Reflector also protects plastics and wiring from destructive UV rays. The CoilClean Parabolic Reflector maximizes UV energy much the same way a flashlight or a car’s headlight uses a reflector to direct the UV energy where it is needed most, the coil. Using any other UV Lamp / Emitter will result in losing more than half the UV energy.

Applications include: Commercial, Institutional, Medical & Military.


  • Destroys mold and other microbial growth on the evaporator coil as well as biological odors
  • Improves energy savings & reduces coil maintenance
  • Available in sizes up to 60″ length
  • High-Intensity 19mm. UVC Quartz Lamp
  • LED Status display incorporated into the Ballast Box monitors system performance including Lamp status and notifies the end-user when it is time to replace the UV Lamp
  • Dry Contact is included to allow the UV system to be easily integrated into the building automation system
  • UV Lamp Boot seals the connection protecting the UV Lamp contacts from humidity and moisture
  • Sanuvox provides detailed Real-Time Kill Rates & Sizing Calculations
  • Patented UV system maximizes UV efficiency
  • Energy while protecting plastics from destructive UV Rays
  • University tested & published results in The Lancet Medical Journal
  • Higher UV intensity & reliability than other UV Lamp / Emitters (ballast on the outside of the AHU)
  • Longer warranty than competing products. 15 year Warranty for the Ballast and 2 year Warranty for the UV Lamp.
  • Longer UV Lamp operating life; 17,000 hrs. compared to 8,000 for the competition


The patented Bio-Wall MAX provides a “barrier wall” of UV energy, destroying biological and chemical contaminants passing through it.

Each Bio-Wall MAX uses 5 high intensity 19 mm pure fused UVC quartz lamps, which are mounted to anodized aluminum parabolic reflectors that reflect the full 360º of germicidal irradiation. Lamp’s extrusion are mounted parallel to the airstream in order to maximize the contaminant’s contact time with the UV energy.

A metal box is housing the 5 multi-voltage ballasts and an electronic board with dry contacts allowing for building automation integration. A remote touch screen is available as an option.

The number of units needed to sterilize your own  situation will depend on the size of the duct and  the velocity of the air moving within the duct. Sanuvox can provide on demand the sizing calculaltions including the theoritical results of sterilization on different contaminants

Applications includes: Commercial, Institutional, Medical & Military.

  • Reduce airborne infection rates, building related illnesses, workplace absenteeism while dramatically improving Indoor Air Quality
  • Continuously treats the entire duct
  • Destroys up to 99.9999% of bio-chemical contaminants
  • Available in different length: 30 in -76 cm, 40 in -101 cm, 50 in-126cm & 60 in-152 cm
  • Sturdy metal box housing ballasts and electronic board with dry contacts  for remote monitoring. Optionnal remote touch screen available.
  • SS Hardware and 2 posts 66in supplied
  • Tested by the US EPA and National Homeland Security to destroy >99.9% of bio-contaminants on a single pass
  • Warranty: 15 years on ballast; 2 years on UV lamp
  • ETL certified


Inspired by the overwhelming success of the Commercial UV Bio-Wall, the QUATTRO is designed as a Light Commercial / Residential In-Duct UV Air Purifier. The QUATTRO can treat the entire duct at one time, destroying up to 99.9% of the biological and chemical contaminants in the air-stream.

The Quattro includes three (3) 18″ High-Intensity Pure Fused Quartz UVC Germicidal Lamps and one (1) 18″ High-Intensity Pure Fused Quartz UVC / UVV Lamp, which are attached to four (4) Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors and are mounted parallel to the air-stream.

Adjustable mounting brackets permit the Lamps and Reflectors to be extended up to 15″ from the duct wall so the assembly can be positioned in the center of the duct-work, creating a wall of Germicidal UV energy up to 24″ deep.

  • Commercial In-Duct UV Air Purifier
  • Treats the entire duct at one time
  • Destroys up to 99.9% of biological contaminants at one time
  • Destroys chemicals & biological odors
  • Installed PARALLEL to the air-stream results in greater ‘Dwell Time’ between the air & the UV Lamps
  • 1,600 microwatts per/cm² of UV intensity @ 36″
  • Four 18″ High Intensity Pure Fused Quartz Lamps
  • Four Anodized Parabolic Reflectors intensify & maximize 360° of UV Energy
  • Pressure Sensor turns purifier On & Off. Simple installation, just ‘Plug & Play’
  • LED ‘Smart System’ Status Visual Display
  • Four High-Output Electronic Rapid-Start Ballasts
  • Adjustable Clutch allows for Reflectors & Lamps to easily extend up to 15″ to the center of the duct
  • Patented Design & Sanuvox Quality
  • Recommended Lamp change-out: Commercial: 2 years / Residential: 3 years
  • ETL


The S1000FX is a combination Ultraviolet – Filter Air Purifier. The S1000FX can be used in applications ranging from hospital clean room biological treatment, to smoking environments, to garbage room odor treatment.

In addition to the patented Sanuvox UV process, the S1000FX Clean Room option is equipped with two 30 inch UV “J” Lamps (one Germicidal UVC Lamp and one Germicidal / Oxidizing UVC / UVV Lamp) for complete biological and chemical protection. Up to four 30″UV “J” Lamps can be incorporated into the S1000FX. The Clean Room option includes a 99.97% HEPA Filter, which will trap particles down to 0.3 microns (1 / 75000 of an inch) in size.

The S1000FX is equipped with a 1750-CFM backward impeller blower and can be used as a stand alone system, or installed into the existing ventilation system as a by-pass installation.


  • Destroys biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, germs, allergens
  • Destroys chemicals & biological odors
  • Stand-Alone installation or can be ducted to multiple rooms
  • (2) two 1″ pre-filters & (1) one 4″ 95% ASHRAE pleated filter
  • “Clean Room Option” includes HEPA Filter to capture particles down to 0.3 micron in size & additional UVC “J” Lamp
  • 1750 cfm. blower. Under load with filters, 1000 cfm.
  • Patented 30″ 19mm Pure Fused Quartz UVC/UVV “J” Lamp
  • Aluminum Reaction Chamber maximizes UV intensity
  • High-Output Ballast
  • Patented Design & Sanuvox Quality
  • Warranty: Lamp 12,000 hours, Motor: 1 year, Ballast: 3 years