Wake Up

WAKE UP !!!!!
What you’re ignoring could be hurting your health and wellbeing…..
Over the past 9 months Pure Aire Wellness has been advocating in local magazines awareness of the dangers of the air pollution in our indoor environments. Gratefully, we have been able to help several individuals and businesses in and around Rapid City. Every family and business that has taken the very aware step in improving the air quality in their living or workplaces, tells us the same thing, and that is “we didn’t realize how much better we feel just by breathing clean, healthy, unpolluted air”. They also tell us that their families don’t get sick as much and if they do get a cold or the flu, it doesn’t last as long. The business owners also tell us that their employees don’t use as many sick days from work, and if someone does have a cold or the flu, it doesn’t seem to be passed from employee to employee. When asked they all tell us the same thing, “we will never be without this system”.
Let’s talk about the facts of indoor air pollution. Everything that is stated here can be found on the various websites of organizations like, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The American Lung Association, The World Health Organization (WHO), The American College of Cardiology, The Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN), The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the World Green Building Council. The WHO released a new report stating this, “Air pollution should be considered the new ‘tobacco’ issue of today”

Fact: Indoor air pollution can be 5 to 100 times more polluted than any outdoor air pollution.

Fact: We spend between 80 to 90% of our time indoors.

Fact: Since the mid 80’s there has been an almost 65% increase in childhood respiratory issues, especially Asthma.

Fact: Almost 17% of cardiovascular disease can be attributed to air pollution, and almost 30% of COPD can be linked to polluted air at home or work.

Fact: 2 million people worldwide die prematurely due to health issues related to indoor air pollution.

Fact: Chemical laden pollutants emanating from carpets, desks, chemicals used for cleaning, and even some of the machines used in the business, as well as sloughed skins cells from the human occupants, are recycled through the ventilation system, helping to create “sick building syndrome”.

Fact: Furnace air filters can be effective in trapping many particulates, but they are ineffective on any biological or chemical contaminants. If you can breathe through a filter, VOC’s viruses, pathogens, infectious bacteria, mold spores and most allergens will pass through any filter, including HEPA filters.

Fact: Breathing oxygen rich air can and does boost our body’s immune system. Breathing polluted air reduces the effectiveness our immune system, especially in children and the aged.

Fact: Air filtration is not air purification Fact: No one is immune to air pollution and you can’t develop immunity to air pollution.

Fact: Buildings using proper air purification systems experience reduced employee absenteeism due to “shared sickness”. Employees felt more productive and healthier. Overall operating costs were reduced.

Fact: Indoor air pollution impacts academic performance in children by lowering their concentration levels and increasing absenteeism due to “shared sickness”, asthma and allergies.

Fact: Indoor air pollution weakens lungs and reduces immunity, making children and the aged more susceptible to infectious airborne illness colds and flu. Indoor air pollution also impacts the development of endocrine glands, nervous and immune systems of children.

Fact: Children are one of the most vulnerable groups to indoor air pollution, as infants and young children have a higher resting metabolic rate and higher rate of oxygen consumption per unit of body weight than adults, because they are growing rapidly.

Pure Aire Wellness LLC has “the solution to indoor air pollution”. The issue today is awareness, helping everyone become aware is one goal of Pure Aire Wellness. Another main goal is helping everyone live or work in a healthy indoor environment. We at Pure Aire Wellness LLC were unaware of the seriousness of indoor air pollution until we began our research. The journey of awareness began with a parent who was having health issues after moving into a senior care facility. We slowly became aware it was the air being recirculated in the facility. We started doing our research and soon learned the seriousness of indoor air pollution. Since then we haven’t looked back. We are passionate about helping your family, friends, and the public at large becoming aware of the problem and the solution to cleaning any indoor environment so we all can live healthier lives.

Breathing clean, healthy, oxygen rich air is a basic requirement to life just as drinking clean water is to our health and our lives. This is just a simple fact, another simple fact is that 98% of all indoor environments are polluted to one degree or another. Pure Aire Wellness LLC has the solution to indoor air pollution. Pure Aire Wellness LLC along with the advanced patented technology provided by Sanuvox, can clean any indoor environment, no matter the size of the home or building. This technology will reduce or completely eliminate indoor air pollution, creating a clean, healthy, oxygen rich indoor environment.

Because we spend so much time indoors, 80 to 90 % of our day, indoor air pollution poses a much bigger threat to our health than was previously thought. Professor Francesca Dominic, the Co-Director of the Harvard Data Science initiative reports, “mortality rates increase almost linearly as air pollution increases”. “However, any level of air pollution, no matter how low, is undoubtedly harmful to human health”.

Indoor air pollution isn’t a new concept. The good news is that it is gaining more public awareness because of the growing evidence that the air quality in our homes, schools, workplaces, gyms, daycare centers, public meeting places, medical clinics, hospitals, senior care facilities, hair and nail salons, are polluted and, in some instances, toxic. This is according to the CDC, EPA, Global Indoor Health Network (GIHN), World Health Organization (WHO), and The American Lung Association. Sneezing, coughing, watery itchy eyes, congestion, headaches, trouble sleeping and concentrating, fatigue, allergies and asthma are a few common symptoms of poor indoor air quality. Severe symptoms can include heart and lung disease and even cancer.

Pure Aire Wellness LLC has the solution to indoor air pollution! Finding the advanced patented technology from Sanuvox is the solution. The advance patented UV germicidal air purification systems from Sanuvox Technologies not only reduces, and in some cases, eliminates all indoor air pollution, and it delivers an ample supply of activated oxygen to all indoor environments. Sanuvox’s technology cleans and kills up to 99.9999% of all pathogens, bacteria, viruses, air borne infections, allergens, mold and fungi, and pollutants, creating a very healthy oxygen rich life enhancing indoor environment in any home or building of any size. Becoming aware that there is a problem is the first step. Accepting there is a problem is the second step. Finding a solution to the problem is the third step. Implementing the solution to end the problem is the final step. Which step are you in?

These affordable systems can help you truly create a healthy home or workplace. With these systems you can stop “sick building syndrome” you can stop the cycle of “shared sickness” at home or your workplace, daycare, gym, medical clinic, senior care facility, and every school. A healthy home or workplace should be something everyone is serious about. In a healthy home or workplace many illnesses can be short lived or eliminated completely, “shared sickness” could be a thing of the past. What you breathe is as important as what you eat and drink!

Take the time to watch the video and read the hard science and research at www.pureairewellness.com . Do yourself, your family and your co-workers a favor and make them aware of the hazards of the air in any indoor environment. Live a better, healthier life, by breathing clean, healthy, unpolluted, oxygen rich air. Call Pure Aire Wellness at 605-209-5930 for a consultation or presentation.”